Step into an incendiary exposé of the hidden dangers that plague the cannabis industry and the legal profession.

Cultivating Crime is a fascinating and eye-opening memoir that offers a riveting first rendering of the crime and turmoil behind the fight for legalizing cannabis and within the American legal system. Told through gripping narrative non-fiction, this account follows the real-life story of leading cannabis lawyer, Anne van Leynseele, as she shares her powerful story, presenting a glimpse into the complex inner workings and duplicity in a gray area of law.

Serving as both a cautionary tale and a rallying cry for reform, Cultivating Crime is the culmination of a lifetime of her work in evolving industries and grit. It demands greater integrity, equality, and ethics in the legal system, making it a must-read for lawyers, cannabis enthusiasts, lawmakers, and anyone interested in examining the systemic problems within legal marijuana.

“What a story! Cultivating Crime: The Dark Side of Legal Marijuana is part historical record and part true crime novel. Required reading for anyone involved in Washington’s Cannabis industry and highly recommended reading for anyone considering starting a Cannabis Business. Anne van Leynseele tells a cautionary tale about where the Cannabis industry is and offers solutions for making things right.” Chuck Olivier, Dimebag Scale Company